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Fundraiser at Axiom Church

In the fall of 2019, we held a fundraiser for the Rose Mapendo Foundation at Axiom Church. We used this time to share the documentary, Pushing the Elephant, about Rose and her family, what they experienced in Africa, and their journey to America. We also had a Q&A time where guests were able to ask Rose questions about her life and ministry, and also sold items that were made by women in Africa. We sold jewelry, clothing, bags, as well as t-shirts we created specifically for the foundation. It was a beautiful and fun experience to share with others what the foundation is doing, especially in regard to the Women Center United for Peace. We are about halfway through building this center in the Congo, and proceeds from this event went towards this project. We are so thankful to announce that we raised nearly $3000. If you are interested in hosting an event like this at your church or organization, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are hoping this event is one that continues to reach more and more people. Thanks to Amber Joy Photography for the photos! 

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